TappIn for the Travel Industry

Despite the recent economic downturn, analysts forecast that travel consultants will continue to play an important role in the future of leisure and business travel. Although the Internet provides another business portal for many agents, face-to-face (F2F) agents may be able to better leverage professionalism, trust, niche advice and the ability to deal with complex and demanding travel arrangements to secure and grow their client base.

An easy and affordable way for travel agents to differentiate themselves in an evolving and competitive landscape is by employing technology within their current business model.Adapting Websites for mobile, RSS feeds, texting pertinent travel changes and other communications can set an agent apart.

TappIn can help agents enhance customer service by providing an easy, safe and secure method to remotely access important client information anytime, anywhere.

Whether an agent is at work, at home or on the go, client information is available to review, edit and share via any computer or mobile device. Agents can also use TappIn to share travel information, brochures, high resolution photos and other documents with clients, thereby avoiding file size restrictions when emailing.

TappIn offers travel consultants:

  • A flexible and safe way to review, edit, resave and share important client files anytime, from anywhere.
  • A platform independent service accessible by client(s) through any Web browser or mobile device.
  • A cost-effective, high value ancillary service to offer clients so they can leave their laptop at home while providing an easy, safe and convenient method to save, access and share vacation photos and other documents while travelling.

Use case

Use Case

Nancy Browning of Browning Cruises has embraced technology to differentiate her travel consulting business. When she has clients with complicated itineraries that need immediate changes, she uses TappIn to access their documents quickly, easily and seamlessly from her iPhone or iPad. Using her iPad, Browning can update her clients' travel arrangements, revise itineraries and resave the file in TappIn. Browning can then email the updated documents or provide direct access to the files in her client's folder using TappIn. When Browning encounters clients with email file size limitations, she invites them to join TappIn so she can quickly share travel files, photographs and other documents.

"TappIn gives me more options so I can provide my clients quality customer service," says Browning. "TappIn is easy, fast and cost-efficient. It delivers an easy way for me to access my files remotely and quickly share travel documents with clients. With TappIn, I can continue to serve the needs of my clients without interruption."

To learn how TappIn can enhance your travel business, contact sales@tappin.com.