TappIn for the Legal Sector

For lawyers and other heavily regulated professions, there are profound implications that stem from a failure to properly protect and secure data. Lawyers are bound by the profession's ethical standards to maintain their clients' confidentiality, and this includes making sure that client information is stored in a secure location. Failure to maintain confidentiality can result not only in liability for the client, but for the attorney who breached that confidentiality.

Security within the cloud is a nagging uncertainty within the legal community. In the October 2010 report from Forrester Research entitled, Q&A: Demystifying Cloud Security, "…security and risk professionals remain skeptical that cloud providers can manage the responsibility to protect users, their data and their privacy."1 The malpractice liability concerns alone are enough to make many attorneys shy away from utilizing cloud storage.

Fortunately, there are solutions that are more cost-effective and secure, and provide the same, if not better increases in efficiencies, productivity and mobility. One such solution is TappIn Networks' remote access and file sharing service.

The TappIn service ensures client privacy and data security by leveraging your current computer and mobile devices.

TappIn utilizes your existing computer storage and creates a secure, encrypted pathway for lawyers and legal staff to remotely access documents from anywhere, anytime through any Web browser or mobile device. Through TappIn's SecureShare, attorney's can authenticate and provide limited file privileges to specified parties, further ensuring privacy, confidentiality and control over sensitive client documents. And because information never leaves your host computer nor is it held by a third-party cloud vendor, you can avoid the ambiguities, security and privacy issues that currently fog cloud computing. For lawyers, the ability to ensure client privacy and confidentiality means that they and their clients can rest easy.

TappIn is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution for legal providers to remotely access and share files online, while ensuring security and confidentiality.

For small law firms, TappIn is a convenient, cost-effective solution that doesn't require an IT department's technical expertise or expensive and complex provisioning and deployment. It takes seconds to install and is also available for any mobile device.

For more information on mitigating the risks of cloud technology in the legal sector, contact sales@tappin.com

1. Chenxi Wang, PHD, "Q&A: Demystifying Cloud Security," Forrester Research, October 29, 2010.