TappIn Solutions

Our personal and business lives continue to converge. With TappIn, you can easily stay connected with all of your lives—quickly, easily and conveniently. Whether at home, at work or on-the-go, you're just a tap away from your content regardless of geography or time zones. Our award-winning remote access and file sharing service can be easily integrated into your personal and business life. Learn the many benefits of TappIn and how we can keep you connected to your digital content anytime, from anywhere.

TappIn for Travel

solutions for travel

Browning Cruises uses TappIn to provide white glove service to clients—even when she's traveling the globe. More

TappIn for Legal

solutions for travel

Legal professionals are safeguarding client confidentiality by using TappIn to access and share legal documents. More

TappIn for Photographers

solutions for travel

Deliver high resolution images easily, cost-effectively and faster to your clients without the hassle of uploading to the cloud. More

TappIn for Retail

solutions for travel

Belle Provence has lowered costs and streamlined operations by implementing TappIn into their transaction reporting process. More