Install TappIn for iPhone and iPad iOS Mobile Devices

Remote file sharing and access with the iPhone/iPad Touch app
Available on the App Store


Download the TappIn Quick Start Guide


Access and securely share your content anywhere, anytime with TappIn. It’s Easy!

  1. On your Apple device tap the App Store Icon
  2. Search for "TappIn for iPhone" or "TappIn for iPad"
  3. Click Install

You are all set! Start accessing the content stored on your personal computer or work network from your iPhone or iPad. Instantly stream your iTunes or MP3 music libraries while using other apps. Share photos, presentations, and documents with friends, family, and colleagues on demand straight from your mobile devices.

With TappIn, you'll always have access to any files stored on your desktop, in seconds...not hours!

TappIn is the easiest way to get files from your mobile devices. Get TappIn for iPhone or iPad (iOS) devices from the App Store today.