TappIn Security

We have leveraged years of corporate network security experience to create the most secure remote access and sharing solution available. Using the best security practices and technology, content safety is the most important aspect of the TappIn solution.

Does TappIn copy or save my content anywhere?

Our Professional version includes the OnTapp app that automatically syncs (copies or saves) your content so you can access and share anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device.  TappIn leverages its cloud services to compress, encrypt, and optimize your traffic and content for the ideal user experience and efficient use of your network.

How does TappIn ensure protection of my digital content?

TappIn communications leverage SSL for all communications between you and your digital content. SSL encryption is the same strong protection offered by financial institutions worldwide to protect financial transactions over the Internet.

TappIn secure file access

How does TappIn protect my password?

TappIn protects all user passwords using a one-way hashing algorithm than can not be reversed. We recommend that users follow best practices by choosing strong passwords that can not easily be guessed or cracked, and by carefully safeguarding their passwords.

Does TappIn require any changes to my firewall?

No. TappIn works across every brand of personal and most corporate firewalls, and absolutely no changes are required for any network security device at home, work, or anywhere else.