Quick Summary of accessing TappIn using WebDAV

You can access your TappIn shared folders using your Operating System's built-in facility for network folders (using standard WebDAV communication). This is as secure as accessing your content using the TappIn website or the TappIn iPhone application. The communication is encrypted and only you have access to your content using your email address and password.

win_logoOn Windows, map a network drive to the URL of your TappIn share.
mac OSOn a Macintosh, connect to a server using the URL of your TappIn share.

The URL to your TappIn share is: https://webdav.tappin.com/<your@email.address>/<yourShare>/

The "s" in "Https" is necessary for security.

For example, the user me@xyzmail.com can mount their TappIn share called pics using the URL: https://webdav.tappin.com/me@xyzmail.com/pics/

You will need to log in using your email address and TappIn password. In our example, the user would sign in as user me@xyzmail.com with their TappIn password.

Please see the WebDAV How-To-Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to map your TappIn share.