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Secure remote access? Security-related remote access problems abound

An attacker seeking to penetrate an enterprise's defenses typically has many "easy" options to choose from: unpatched Windows machines, website cross-site scripting flaws, or social engineering against employees.Read the full story>>


Mobile Workers Present New Security Challenges for the Cloud

Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365, SkyDrive, SugarSync … the list of cloud organizations seems to grow every day. But given the attractiveness of this concept, there’s also security risks of cloud-based services.  Read the full story>>


HomePipe Beefs Up Android App Security and Creates the Digitally Streamed Mix Tape

The threat to your digital content doesn't require you to lose your device, continues Chris Hopen, CEO of HomePipe, a company specializing in digital content access and file sharing for the mobile community. Read the full story>>


Dear Gracie: Stay Smart with Smartphone Security Tips

The threat to your digital content doesn't require you to lose your device, continues Chris Hopen, CEO of HomePipe, a company specializing in digital content access and file sharing for the mobile community. Read the full story>>


Share and Share Alike with HomePipe

These days, we've got cloud-based applications, file storage and a growing host of capabilities that live in the murkiness of the Internet, waiting for us to invoke them from our networked devices. Then there's HomePipe, which puts an interesting twist on sharing files across your own device fleet. Read the full story>>


Access your Home Files from Anywhere or Any Device with HomePipe

The whole cloud storage era is taking off. To me, it makes perfect sense. The ability to store all of your stuff in one location that's accessible no matter where you are is a no-brainer...Read the full story>>


Consumerization of IT: Mutiny or Inevitable Result?

For one, a service from a company called HomePipe purports to enable users of mobile devices to access files from anywhere — to "have their digital files at ... Read the full story>>


Remote Access App HomePipe Gets Enterprise-Friendly

HomePipe is a service that allows users to securely access and share files remotely on Windows, Mac and Linux machines...Read the full story>>


Tech Crunch
HomePipe Raises $1.1 Million for Cross-Platform Content Streaming Service

Startup HomePipe has raised $1.1 million in Series A funding from a group of angel investors, including Mark DiSalle. Read the full story>>


HomePipe.net - Access Your Files From Everywhere

HomePipe is one of these useful tools that let you sync your desktop with any mobile device and have unrestricted access to you files from wherever you are. That is, using this site you can access the files that you keep at home while you are on the go. Read the full story>>


HomePipe: Connect To Home Computer From Anywhere

Synchronization of data between different devices we use has always been a problem. HomePipe is a web service that solves this by letting you access files on your home computer from anywhere and using any device such as a Web browser or a smart phone. Read the full story>>


HomePipe Streams Music from Your PC to Your Smartphone

We've mentioned some of the best ways to stream media to your gadgets, and HomePipe is a great new addition to the club. It streams music, video and other files straight to your device for free with minimal setup. Read the full story>>


HomePipe Streams your iTunes to Android, Other Files too

Need another way to get your tunes (whether they be i-prefixed or not) onto your Android celly? HomePipe is the latest, a service offering easy access to files on your home computer via your cellphone. Read the full story>>


HomePipe makes Fetching and Sharing Files a No-Brainer

Want to share files or access data from your PC from the road? Sure, there a lot of ways to do it, but now there's a free one called TappIn. It's a service for PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Android phones (coming soon) that lets you designate directories on your computer, and then send a link to whomever you want to access them. Read the full story>>


HomePipe for iPhone - Free, Secure Access to All Your Data at Home

There are a number of iPhone apps that offer us ways to get to our data stored on home PCs, but none that I can think of that do so for free and with nearly zero setup required to make things work, and still provide secure access. Read the full story>>


HomePipe Unveils Service to Access Digital Files On The Go

Chris Hopen and Parvez Anandam think consumers should be able to take their photos, movies, music and other digital files with them wherever they go. And their new Seattle startup company, HomePipe Networks, has just released a new service for users of laptops, smartphones and netbooks called Secure Home Access that does just that. Read the full story>>