Yahoo! Video is Shutting Down; HomePipe Networks to the Rescue!

Stream Saved Videos Quickly and Easily with HomePipe

SEATTLE - February 23, 2011 — Yahoo! Video is "changing" or closing down after March 14, 2011 and according to the service, any videos uploaded on the service will be deleted, along with user profiles, ratings, favorites and playlists. Yahoo! Video subscribers are advised to retrieve their videos before the March 14 deadline.


Yahoo! Video users may upload videos to another site, but often these sites require users to manage content or content is subject to storage limitations or restrictions. Users can save time and the hassle of uploading, downloading and managing content by using HomePipe.

HomePipe is a free digital file sharing and access service that is easy and convenient. With HomePipe, users eliminate the hassle of uploading and managing content. HomePipe is not platform or device dependent-working on any PC, Mac, Apple iPhone or iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android or Windows 7 mobile phone. There is no storage limits or file restrictions. Users have ultimate control over their content and can share files with friends, family and/or colleagues. It is easy and quick to stream audio and video, share photos, documents or any file anytime, anywhere.

Yahoo! Video users can install HomePipe for free in seconds, and it works with any Internet or broadband-connected device, across multiple platforms:

1. Go to the website.
2. Enter your email and a password and click "Go!"
3. You'll receive an email with an activation link.
4. Click on the link. In seconds you'll be HomePiping!

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