TappIn Selected by Microsoft as Showcase Developer Partner for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Selected TappIn as a Showcase Developer Partner for Windows Phone 7 Rollout Enabling Secure Access and Sharing of Home Social Media and Content

SEATTLE, Wash, October 12th, 2010 — TappIn Networks (www.tappin.com) today announces that its highly popular Home Access Service has been selected as a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Showcase App that will be highlighted and featured within the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The TappIn application has been specifically designed for the newly announced Windows Phone 7 operating system and devices. The TappIn App for Windows Phone 7 devices will be available soon and well in time for this holiday season. TappIn delivers yet another powerful device platform and expands its available market for the TappIn service platform -- giving consumers a highly valuable and rich mobile experience, with deep Microsoft usability and functionality allowing users to leave their stuff at home and yet have instant, high fidelity access to any personal media of their own or content that has been shared with them. With TappIn, users are free from the hassles of copying, uploading and taking their home files or media with them. Now, with TappIn for the Windows Phone 7, your own personal content or media someone shared with you, is safely and easily accessed anytime, anywhere with broad support for all Microsoft technologies such as Windows Home Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.

"Microsoft's Mobile Team has been a true partner of TappIn throughout the entire process, helping ensure that we have a great app, as well as making sure their new platform provides maximum value to customers," says Parvez Anandam Co-Founder and CTO of TappIn Networks Inc.

TappIn: The Secure, Convenient Way to Surf Your Home and Work Computers

The TappIn Service employs industry standard security including encryption from the home or work computer all the way to the device so your content is always safe and secure. The TappIn software installs quickly on a Windows PC or Apple Mac without any expensive or clumsy hardware. With TappIn, users don't need to move their home files or configure their home network or laptop. With a simple point and click, users have instant access to all their personal content and now with the same ease and simplicity they can directly share content with their friends, family or work colleagues.

And, unlike cloud-based storage services, where users are limited to a certain amount of storage, TappIn is unlimited and works with any storage in the home, even network attached storage. With TappIn, people can access their content right from their home network, which means users don't have to worry about paying monthly fees to store content online or have to worry about exceeding storage limitations that never seem to be quite enough. 

TappIn customers experience the following benefits:

  • Get convenient access from any web browser, Android Phone, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and now Windows Phone 7 devices anytime, anywhere.
  • Have anytime, anywhere access to your extensive home music library and stream directly to your device as if it were local.
  • E-mail home pictures or business documents that are at home right from your Windows Phone 7 device.
  • View high resolution photos without having to reduce the quality to meet the device storage limits.
  • Publish selected photos to Facebook directly from the TappIn Web Application without having to use the Facebook uploader(s) or Facebook Application.

About TappIn

TappIn Networks is changing the way people access and share their files. Delivering unprecedented convenience and ease of use, TappIn is the only service that offers no storage limitations, no complex software or hardware installations, and no additional fees. For more information, please visit http://www.tappin.com or follow TappIn on Twitter at http://twitter.com/homepipe.

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